blog is a great tool to show your skills

The good ideas blog is a great tool to show your skills and your personality. A great blog is also best to manage your digital identity, develop your network and maintain a link with the world of work.Manage this digital identity: the blog is a fast and easy way to appear in the first results when a recruiter types your name/first name in a search engine such as Google. If you decide to create a blog job to facilitate your job search, don’t forget to detail your expertise, your experiences, your vision of the profession. With as main objective to present to you as an expert in your sector of activity. You can create your blog on for free.

Stand on the CV: once your blog put employment in road, well organized, with quality content, put its URL on your CV. The blog helps you stand out from other candidates, the recruiter will be able to be attentive. The use of the blog itself may also represent a more: opening and knowledge of new technologies, motivation, quality of writing… It is a true showcase of your skills.

Meet, share, discuss: good ideas are often born of a collective reflection. Keep a blog job, it is open to comments of others but also be active on the blogosphere. You can interact with other bloggers, confront your ideas to those of your readers, advice… A true brainstorming. This can be very useful for furthering your professional project. This is especially true on a platform like ours: your blog will directly incorporate an active community of more than 2600 blogs.

Mobilize and expand your network: a blog can be a meeting point for your contacts and your network. More formal than a Facebook profile, it will be also more professional. Do not hesitate to turn the address, contacts of your contacts may become your readers. Similarly, in bloguant on a specific subject (your business, your industry), you naturally attract readers who have the same centers of interest you. In generating loyalty, you you open new opportunities. To do this, it is also important to a constructive watch on your sector of activity to find similar blogs and engage in dialogue.

To motivate: motivation is essential in a job search. After a few months of unsuccessful research, morale may flinch. The blog allows you to be in contact with other job seekers who advise you and you will support if necessary. Write regularly to feed a blog is also remotivant: ask black and white your skills, build ticket after ticket your professional project and to make a point regularly on your desires and expectations can block stuck you.

Learn: blogging, to learn how to control the computer tools. In many areas, these skills have become unavoidable. Managing your blog you can familiarize and be accompanied in the handling of these tool and at the same time improve your editorial qualities.Present you a topic expert: the value of a blog is to reference rather quickly on keywords as the title of your business. By the name of your blog and the different tickets, you will attract an audience of connoisseurs, probably from your sector of activity.A  certificate IV in the long term, you can place you well enough to become an “expert” in your field. Beyond satisfaction and some recognition, this can help you multiply your contacts and develop your resume. And why not to obtain proposals for positions directly online.

Stay in contact with your sector: the world of work is changing quickly. During your periods of unemployment, it is important to stay in touch with news from your area. Blogging requires intelligence work that will allow you to do so. Tools, sites and resources return your habits and you will arrive at job interviews without losing.